Cancer Treatment Malaysia

Many people seeks for acupuncture and herbal cancer treatment as their complementary or alternative treatment to the one that they are undergoing. I think it is a very good complementary or alternative treatment because it is very natural treatment.

One of the famous Chinese physician can be found in Malaysia. This Malaysian Chinese Master is the fourth generation practicing acupuncture and herbal treatment in Malaysia that has over 100 years of history. He has cure many kind of incurable diseases in the world successfully. All of his patients were very satisfied after been cured by him. Many of his patients travel from all over the world and stay until the treatment is finished. Chinese Master always monitor his patients’ treatment and diet closely to make sure that the treatment is effective. He even grows his own herbs in his garden to ensure the quality.

Below are the common treatments for his patients, but Chinese Master also practice acupuncture and herbal treatment for other diseases as well.

Breast Cancer Treatment

The common breast cancer symptoms are as the following,

  • swelling on all or part of the breast
  • pain on the breast
  • pain on nipple or nipple turning inwards
  • irritation on the breast skin or dimpling
  • lump in the armpit area
  • breast skin or nipple turn red, scaly or thickened
  • nipple discharge other than breast milk

Traditional Chinese Medicine suggest breast cancer patients’ diet should avoid

  • too much raw vegetables
  • cold or iced foods and beverages
  • deep-fried food
Bladder Cancer Treatment

Chinese Master can help patients with bladder cancer and their families and friend better understand this disease. The most common bladder cancer symptoms are

  • blood in the urine (slightly rusty to deep red in color)
  • pain during urination
  • frequent urination, or feeling the need to urinate without results

Despite the symptoms are not sure sign of bladder cancer, patients are recommended to seek doctors advise.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Unfortunately, liver cancer cannot be noticeable in its early stages but when it’s comes to advanced stages, we can see the symptoms or sign itself. Following are the liver cancer sign:

  • Jaundice (where a condition that causes the yellowing of the skin and eyes)
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain and/or discomfort on the right side of the abdomen
  • Pain or discomfort that occurs in the right shoulder blade area
  • Fever
  • General fatigue that is not relived with rest
  • Nausea / vomiting.
  • Ascites (condition where there is an accumulation of fluid in peritoneal cavity)
  • Dark urine
  • Excessive skin itching
  • Unexplained muscle wasting
  • Esophageal varices (occurs when the tumor invaded and blocked the portal vein and the blood drains through esophageal veins)
  • Confusion and increased sleepiness
  • Extremes in body temperature
  • Hiccups

All the symptoms can appear separately or together.

Followings are the food to avoid in a patient’s diet when fighting liver cancer

  • Animal and Tran’s fats
  • Red meat
  • Alcohol
  • Sesame, pepper and cheese


Lung Cancer Treatment

The most common symptoms for lung cancers include:

  • chronic cough
  • worsening breathlessness
  • weight loss
  • excessive fatigue
  • severe pain in the chest or elsewhere



Nasopharynx Cancer Treatment

Nasopharynx cancer usually being suffered by people with:

  • Age between 30 to 55 years old.
  • Men are having higher chances then women.
  • Like to eat foods that high in glucose level.
  • Always eating preserved meat.
  • Epstein – Barr virus which is commonly flu symptoms.
  • Family history that have nasopharynx cancer before.

Below are list of foods which nasopharynx patients need to avoid in their diet:

  • Red meat
  • Foods that contain high glucose level
  • Preserved foods
  • Etc.


Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms – Because the initial tumor symptoms are very faint, cancer of the Pancreatic is detected usually only at a late stage.

The first symptoms include loss of appetite, a loathing of food and weight loss, though these symptoms may be caused by other factors. Other tumor symptoms that may appear include fatigue, jaundice, vomiting and diarrhoea. Abdominal pain may also be present.

A deep, piercing pain in the top part of the stomach, radiating to the back, may stem from the Pancreatic, though such pain is often due to much more benign conditions.

Finally, some individuals develop diabetes as a first symptom.

Leukemia Cancer Treatment

Sometimes chronic leukemia is undetected for months or even years.
The symptoms are varied, but many people notice:
- tiredness (due to anemia)
- bruising easily without injury.
- repeated infections
- enlarged lymph glands
- weight loss
- night sweats
- fever.


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